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Mubina was born and raised in London, England, which has helped her explore many different cultures. Coming from a variety of different countries, which include Tanzania and Iraq, she has used these many different influences to shape the person she is today.


As she has a diverse background, she has engaged heavily with many cultures and languages, leading her to have knowledge in French, Arabic, Japanese, Hindi, Urdu and English.


Having gone through difficult times in her teenage years, Mubina has been able to grow and become a strong, independent and focussed individual. With her strength of character, she also cares a lot about the world and the people within. She often supports charities and volunteers to support many different causes. Her hard work and attention to detail complete her.


Mubina has a wide understanding of the business world, as she has worked in different industries. From the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry to the media industry, she has had exposure to different techniques, techniques, knowledge and has adapted well through her IT support roles. Mubina has always looked beyond her role and networked successfully to land projects within other relevant teams.


Being an apprentice has also been a great way for Mubina to practically gain experience in the business world, whilst learning formally. The traits that are demanded from an apprentice, such as multi-tasking, time management, stress management and collaboration, have all given Mubina the ability to grow into a successful professional.


Overall Mubina is an embodiment of hard work, passion, drive and strength. She is focussed on giving her all and always improving to get the best results.

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About our founder and CEO, Mubina Kadiri